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automatic intelligent induction hand dryer

Automatic Intelligent Induction Hand Dryer

  • 1.Heavy-Duty Hand Dryer.Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 11A, 1350W, Saving energy than conventional hand dryers and 97% cost saving paper and towel. the most cost effective ways of reducing waste.
  • 2.HIGH stiffness: Stainless steel cover 304 , corrosion resistance, non - toxic and tasteless characteristics.With excellent chemical properties and oxidation resistance, it can resist heat, deformation, hardness and scratches. Brushed Finish ,Clean so easy!
  • 3.Used high-velocity air streams to remove water form hands, Often used in Public facilitles , Bathroom.
  • 4.Fast dry hands: Drying time only 10-12s, Save time! Easy to touch operation and decreased noise levels for a quiet and relaxed bathroom
  • 5.ECO friendly product. Meeting Creen Spec. standards.Safety Assurance.
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