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waterproof Lantern Solar

Make your world look brighter


Firefly is really made to make your world look brighter. Take the Firefly with you wherever you go: Outdoor parties, camping trips, bike rides, or as an emergency in darkest hours. The Firefly weighs only six ounces (28 grams) and it is unbreakable. The outer bulb is made from flexible silicone so damage option can be excluded here. 

Awesomely, it has a dual charging option that supports solar energy as well as a magnetic USB port, so it can be charged naturally by solar power using the panel on top and it can also be charged on the go with your laptop or a car powerpoint.  
Firefly provides 4 light options to give it the flexibility to provide just the right amount of light at any outdoor setting or event:
1) a low setting of 25 lumens for 8 hours
2) a medium setting of 50 lumens for 4 hours
3) a high setting of 100 lumens for 2 hours
4) an SOS flash feature of 50 lumens !!! 
Importantly, the water-resistance features of Firefly keep it safe from rain or any other water falling. 
So, yes,  Firefly is really made to make your world look brighter!


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